Our Story

From a parent to another!

Both passionate for design and family, Miniware is the creation of husband and wife design duo Adam and Ai Su Bonnier. Upon the birth of their first child in 2013, both parents longed for a better eating solution for their little one, something functional, beautiful, all-natural, and eco-friendly. Don’t forget long-lasting! They wanted a product that could evolve with their child’s development. Finding the current options in children’s dishware inadequate, together they created Miniware. Their shared passion for premium home décor, sustainability and a healthy family lifestyle drives the development of Miniware designs. 

Ergonomic design with a Premium touch

Miniware marries the industrial design and multicultural backgrounds of Adam and Ai Su’s Swedish-Taiwanese partnership. The sleek modern style and serene color palette showcases food and the act of eating, an experience that transcends culture and geography. 

Their shared passion for premium home décor, sustainability, and a healthy family lifestyle drive the development of Miniware designs.

Eyes on the future

Miniware incorporates natural, sustainable, long-lasting materials and beautiful design into a feeding solution for today’s parent and child.

"We created Miniware to address the challenges facing parents and babies during self-feeding training and to have a low- impact, environmentally-safe product that is good for the earth from creation through disposal. We’ve added many features to Miniware to make learning self-feeding easy, creating parent approved designs for healthy childhood development."


With love from Miniware!