Start solids with Miniware for a Greener Future

Miniware is designed to enhance the experience of eating by creating a safe and intuitive environment for your child to learn. From baby weaning to mastering self-feeding skills, supporting the child in developing the ability to eat independently. Our products offer durable and long-lasting use to grow with your children, through all stages of their development.

  • Modern and functional design

    The sleek modern style and serene color palette showcase food and the act of eating, an experience that transcends culture and geography. The functional, ergonomic design makes your child's feeding journey easier. The products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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  • Eco-friendly

    We use non-toxic, plant-based, all-natural materials to create our Miniware. We value sustainability and transparency in our product ingredients.

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  • Grows with your Kid

    Miniware’s products are designed for long-term use and are functionally made to grow with your children and their needs through all stages of development.

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