Tre enkla frukostar som barn kan göra på mors dag

3 Easy Breakfasts Kids can make for Mother´s Day

3 Easy Breakfasts Kids can make for Mother´s Day

Kids often delight in cooking a special breakfast for mom on Mother´s Day, with or without the help of another parent. It gives them a sense of pride in the food they create and good feelings from doing something special for mom.


Kids, like our partners, don´t just magically know what we want so it´s important to tell them. As parents, we often put our own wants and needs aside to focus on our families but being clear about what you´d like teaches your kids very valuable lessons. First, how to ask for things they need and want themselves and that it´s okay to do so, but also it teaches them how to be better parents. Mom and dad are the first people they strive to please but someday they´ll need to make boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and their own kids feel special and appreciated. What you teach them now about doing loving acts of service and giving thoughtful gifts will carry into those relationships.



Of course, we want our kids to be successful so although your favorite breakfast may be eggs benedict, it´s best to keep things simple for them. Egg poaching can take time to master! Thankfully there are some easy breakfasts kids can make for Mother´s Day that won´t leave the kitchen a disaster or anyone I tears. They´re both delicious and “fancy”, so your kids can make you feel like a queen!


Fancy Toast

For kitchen novices, fancy toasts are a simple yet elegant breakfast perfect for Mother´s Day. Avocado toast is hugely popular and only requires toasting bread, smashing avocado and spreading it, something older children can do on their own or smaller kids with supervision. Other fancy toast ideas could include cream cheese and sliced veggies, pesto and egg, smoked salmon or pear and honey.



This dish most likely requires adult supervision unless you have older, more experienced kids in the kitchen. Young children can whip eggs, sprinkle cheese and wash vegetables to help. Teens can follow a simple quiche recipe, many of which can be found online. Quiche possibilities are endless; vegetarian and with meat. Use cooked hash browns as a crust or frozen pie crust for an easy shortcut. A variety of colorful vegetables like diced peppers makes for a festive Mother´s Day meal!



You can get as fancy or as simple as you want with waffles. Young kids can make frozen gourmet waffles in the toaster and decorate them with washed berries and whipped cream or chocolate chips or both. With supervision they can help mix batter for fresh waffles, spread softened butter and pour syrup. Other kid-friendly Mother´s Day suggestions include peanut butter and banana, Greek yogurt and berries, blueberries and cream, and whipped ricotta and strawberry.


Create a Breakfast Together Beforehand

One way to make Mother´s Day breakfast both exactly what you want and easy for the kids is to prepare it together beforehand. Bake your favorite morning pastries together the day before and the kids can warm and serve them to you. Or create a more complex dish like breakfast burritos that they can simple reheat and serve. They´ll still get the joy of creating a pretty place-setting or tray and serving up something they helped create with mom!


Skip Cooking Altogether

Send your partner and kids on a breakfast run to your favorite bakery or brunch spot or get something delivered from one of the many services like DoorDash or GrubHub that deliver from a multitude of restaurants. Just make sure the kids can still add their own special touch on breakfast with fancy plating, decorations or a special drink!


Don´t forget the “Momosa”

Even if champagne and orange juice isn´t your thing, there are still plenty of festive drinks your kids can make as a colorful addition to Mother´s Day breakfast. Try peach nectar and ginger ale for a mock Bellini, sprinkle in a few berries for color! Other fruity morning favorites include citrus juice with a splash of pomegranate, pineapple and strawberry juice or a refreshing “mojito” with seltzer, lime and mint. Kids can serve it in a fancy glass!


Whats your favorite Mother´s Day breakfast? Do you have ideas of breakfasts kids can make for Mother´s Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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