5 tips för att starta sked-mata din bebis

Spoon Feeding - Choosing the right spoon for your baby!

We all heard about how the baby-led weaning method improves baby's self-feeding and coordination, developing mainly the pincer grasp motor skills.

Nonetheless, paediatricians all over the world advice on the traditional spoon-feeding training as being equally important when it comes to developing motor skills inside the mouth of our little ones.
In fact, a very impressive fine-motor milestone is when our babies learn how to suck food from the spoon and manage to push it down the throat without spitting it out.

Learning how to handle cutlery initiates and drives a powerful and necessary notion of action and reaction. 
In combination, both spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning are the perfect balance you want your baby to eat through.


baby_feeding_spoon_pre2proUsually, spoon-feeding is the first method to introduce purees to babies and they can start, in some cases, as early as 4 months old. 

Here are Miniware's 5 tips on how to spoon-feed your baby

What you should know before you start baby feeding with a spoon:

  1. Choose a baby spoon that is narrow enough to fit into a baby’s mouth without hurting her face or causing extra mess. 

  2. Make sure the material is safe, soft, flexible and non-toxic as your baby will probably chew on it. 

  3. Let your baby play with the spoon even when there is no food on it. She will get comfortable bringing it to the mouth.

  4. Create a routine to feed your baby. Remember that your baby relates to you the most and she will probably trust the experience if she sees that you're doing it too. Eat together!

  5. Last but not least, buy less and buy smart, Mamma. Think about the products you buy and how they can be useful longterm. It is up to us to make a difference to the environment where our kids are growing into. 


pre2pro all colors

Miniware is your safe choice for baby products that are eco-friendly, ergonomic and designed to grow with your child. We have created the pre2pro set to help you get the best out of your baby's feeding journey

Pre2Pro starts with the perfect narrow size that can be switched to a bigger spoon when your baby is ready. Made of 100% non-toxic cassava starch and the spoon shell in silicone, this means your baby can safely chew on it as it is soft and resistant. 

Miniware products are biodegradable. We care for the whole life cycle of our products. This is our way to nurse the future of the next generations. 

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