6 Tips för Kräsna Ätare - Sensorisk Lek!

6 Tips for Picky Eaters - Sensory Play!

Getting children to eat varied and healthy meals can be a challenge, especially if they are picky eaters. An effective method to help children become more open to new foods is through sensory play. With Miniware's new Sensory Baby Bowl, meals can be both fun and educational. Here are some tips on how you can use sensory play to help your child explore and enjoy different types of food.

1. Create a Multisensory Experience

With our Sensory Baby Bowl, you can easily create a meal that engages all the senses. The bowl is designed to stimulate mainly sight, touch, smell and taste.

  • Vision: Fill the bowl with colorful fruits and or vegetables. With the angled inclination of the bowl, the food is presented visually beautiful. The repeating patterns and shapes on the bowl provide visual stimulation that can make the food more appealing.
  • Touch: Let your child feel the food with hands. The different textures on the bowl, from large and smooth to thin and ribbed, inspired by fruits and berries such as blueberries and orange peel, encourage exploration and can reduce tactile aversion.
  • Smell: The lid of the bowl keeps the food fresh and fragrant, and the angled opening exposes the smell of the food in an inviting way.
  • Taste: Encourage your child to explore the food with both mouth and hands. Small pieces and varied flavors placed both in the bowl and the lid, which can be used as a separate plate, can make the meal more exciting.
  • Hearing: Soft silicone means that even the smallest "drummers" cannot make loud noises, making mealtimes calmer and less stressful for parents.

2. Encourage Playful Food Exploration

Allow your child to play with the food! Letting them explore the textures, shapes and colors of food with their hands can make them more willing to taste new foods. Use the Sensory Baby Bowl to offer a variety of foods and let them feel, squeeze and taste everything.

3. Make Meals a Shared Activity

Sit together with your child and eat the same food. Show how you enjoy different flavors and textures. Children learn by imitation, so if they see you eating and enjoying the food, they may be more inclined to try it themselves.

4. Praise and Encouragement

Give lots of praise when your child tries something new, even if they only take a small bite. Positive reinforcement can make them more likely to continue exploring.

5. Keep Meals Concise and Fun

Try not to force your child to eat if they are reluctant. Keep meals short and fun, so they look forward to the next time they eat.

6. Store and Serve Easily

Our Sensory Baby Bowl comes with a practical silicone lid that can also be used as a plate. This makes it easy to store leftovers and re-serve without fuss. The bowl and lid are also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning quick and easy.

Helping a child overcome pickiness involves patience and creativity. With Miniware's Sensory Baby Bowl, you can create a positive and engaging mealtime experience that promotes your child's development and curiosity about food. By integrating sensory play into meals, you can make mealtime an adventure filled with taste, smell, visual impressions and tactile experiences. Try our tips and watch your child begin to enjoy exploring new foods with all their senses.

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