Lilla Spöket Laban X Miniware - Intervju med Tina Sandberg

Lilla Spöket Laban X Miniware - Interview with Tina Sandberg

The beloved children's book series about Lilla Spöket Laban came about in the 1960s thanks to the creative couple who shared both their lives and their passion for stories - Inger and Lasse Sandberg. Together they created not just one, but over 100 books translated into over 33 languages, where they both wrote and illustrated.

Miniware and Lilla Spöket Laban have joined forces in an exciting collaboration where they combine their pursuit of quality and design that puts the child in focus. This partnership unites the beloved character Lilla Spöket Laban from Swedish children's literature with Miniware's durable and charming children's products. Two of Miniware's best selling products 1-2-3 Sip! Children's mug and Catch & Cover 2-in-1 bib/apron have now been newly created with Laban's lovable character, which adds a playful and imaginative touch to the meal.

Tina Sandberg, owner Tre Sandberg & grandchild to Inger & Lasse Sandberg.

We are so happy for this collaboration with Lilla Spöket Laban and Tre Sandberg. We have asked some questions to Tina Sandberg, owner of Tre Sandberg & grandchild of Inger & Lasse Sandberg, and hope they are as proud as we are :) 

Please tell us more about Little Ghost Laban & why he is the world's kindest ghost!

Laban is a little ghost boy who lives with his mother and father and little sister in the castle Gomorronsol. Several characters that you get to meet in the Laban books are their friends at the castle the King, the Queen, Prince Mischief, Busan the Princess and Rufus the dog. 

All of Inger and Lasse's books are inspired by their children and grandchildren, whose questions were answered in book form. Just Lilla Spöket Laban comes from Inger and Lasse's own children where Laban's character was created to comfort son Niklas who was afraid of ghosts after older sister Lena locked his little brother in the closet. In this way, the world's kindest little ghost was born and became a perfect medicine for the fear of ghosts. 

How did Miniware stand out in the crowd & was a suitable collaboration brand for you?

We have long been looking for a collaboration partner in this particular category within food and dining sets. But haven't found anyone who meets our expectations and requirements. 

For us, it is important that it is a range that parents lack on the market for their children and above all that is easy for the children to handle. Miniware's products fit perfectly into this. 

A bib that can be obtained in several different sizes but can also be reused as an apron when the child has grown enough to no longer use a bib. The bib is soft and easy to move in. And the pocket on the stomach easily catches food that falls down. 

The fact that the mug is also developed after a child grows, it fits several different ages and several different needs is ingenious. 

Something that is close to our hearts and feels important is that it is natural, which means no additives and toxins, that their products are environmentally friendly and also none have any poisons is something that we see is big and it makes us proud to be able to put our brand on. 

What do you like best about the collection?

We like everything! The colors are harmonious and are available in several colors to suit everyone. That said, the genius idea of ​​having a product in several stages to maximize use with them and being able to let the products follow the child's development is fantastic.

What's next for Little Ghost Laban and his friends?

Next for Laban and his friends is that, Little Anna will celebrate 60 years anniversary in 2024 and Laban will celebrate 60 years anniversary in 2025. We will highlight both characters in different ways, some I can't reveal yet :)  but something that I can reveal is that both characters will get several produced books on the market, which we are very proud of. 

There will be two cinema films for our smallest cinema guests with our little character Tummen and his mother in the near future. Otherwise, we hope and see a long cooperation opportunity with Miniware and more products in their fantastic product range with more of our characters . 

Thank you Tina & the whole team at Tre Sandberg

See the entire collection here.

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